Fume Hood Testing

Ensuring your laboratory + research is secure.

Work at ease with the knowledge that your containment system is functioning as intended, safeguarding both your team and research.

Protecting You

Fume Hood Testing in Action

Making Airflow Visible

FSE utilizes the Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer, which uses vapor haze and lasers to make air visible, allowing our ceritfied technician to observe fume hood behavior, and see any loss of containment. A red laser allows our technician to witness and study how air is behaving inside of the hood, while a green laser exposes any air that escapes the hood, risking the breathing safety of laboratory staff.

Tri-Color testing is performed after traditional hood face velocity measurements are taken to ensure baseline requirements are met. Observing airflow inside and around your fume hood gives additional, invaluable knowledge and insight as to how the hood performs, all while educating you about air behavior.

Testing Everyday Conditions

The Fume Hood Certified Tri-Color focuses on the real-world conditions present in the lab, allowing for unprecedented fume hood testing. FSE recreates conditions that occur everyday, such as rapid movement, walking by, cross draft, and breathe zones, to see if everyday actions pull the air outside of the hood. This escape of air is visualized through bright green light as the laser exposes escaped smoke. 
Fume Hood Testing Showing a Failure
Fume Hood Certified

Certified Fume Hood Tester

FSE's Nick McDonald is a fully certified Fume Hood Tester. In addition to undergoing Fume Hood Testing and training for the Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer, Nick is NEBB Certified in Testing, Adjusting and Balancing.

Nick is an accomplished HVAC engineer with hands on and design experience, supporting complex laboratories for more than 25 years.

Why Should You Test Your Fume Hood?

Safety, Containment Assurance

Fume hood testing is crucial to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment by verifying the effectiveness of containment systems. FSE identifies any leaks or malfunctions in the fume hood, preventing the release of hazardous chemicals into the workspace. Regular testing also ensures compliance with regulatory standards, maintaining a secure and healthy laboratory environment for experimentation and research. With fume hood testing, FSE can:
Ensure the safety of your laboratory personnel and surrounding environment
Verify the effectiveness of your containment systems to prevent hazardous chemical leaks
Help adhere to compliance with industry regulations and standards
Identify malfunctions or issues with your fume hood performance early on
Reduce the risk of exposure to harmful substances
Prolong the lifespan of your fume hood equipment
Provide peace of mind to your laboratory managers and staff
Enhance overall workplace safety and productivity

Let Us Support You

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