Energy Savings Made Simple

We Save Energy. 

You Save Money.

Realize your building’s energy potential by adjusting existing hardware and components, or make a plan for targeted equipment upgrades with a clear return on investment. With more than 25 years of energy management services, FSE’s free consultation will set you up for energy-savings success.

By The Numbers



We helped one Ohio school district save $1.4 million dollars (and counting) in net energy savings through a customized energy plan


Fifty percent of buildings fall out of calibration in the first 5 years. NEBB Certified, we extend equipment life, save energy and increase occupant comfort through TAB services


We operate more than 12 million square feet of facility space across the United States, helping critical facilities to hone equipment practices and reduce energy


We have successfully helped buildings (and building owners) save more than $20 million in avoided energy costs since 1994

Ways to Save

As one of only 110 companies in the U.S. listed on the Department of Energy’s Qualified List of Energy Service Companies, FSE guarantees real-dollar savings for your facility. Our energy-saving services include:


Maximize energy savings by fine-tuning existing building hardware and components:
Building Automated Control System
Building Operation Schedules
Demand Metering and Load Shed
HVAC System Performance
Increase Preventive Maintenance


Decrease energy use with strategic equipment improvements that are designed to pay for themselves, including lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors and more efficient HVAC equipment. One Ohio school has saved $1.4 million in energy savings, reinvesting its savings to HVAC capital expenditures, as well as applying savings to staff and material needs.


Improve the efficiency of your existing building, resolving problems that may have occurred during design or construction, or correct issues that often developed as equipment aged or the building’s use changed.


Fifty percent of buildings fall out of calibration within the first five years of operation. NEBB Certified, we extend equipment life, save energy and increase occupant comfort through TAB services.


Discover issues unseen to the human eye through thermal imaging. By correcting these issues, building management can save as much as 25% on energy costs.


If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it. Through utility meters, you can control monthly costs, pinpointing spikes and trends in energy use. Take it a step farther with Energy Dashboard, our easy-to-read tracking solution.

Just Ask Our Customers

Your help to reduce the District's expenditures... has been very much appreciated during this time… I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond the normal expectations in this industry. Your sensitivity, diligence, and energy has made working with you a joy.
Goshen Local Schools

Todd Shinkle, Treasurer

...congrats on a job WELL done on the Energy Modeling of the College of Architecture! Not only was that one of the hightest number of anticipated points from a model I've ever had attempted on a project, but not a SINGLE clarification on it!
Kent State University Logo

Jeremiah Luckett, LEED AP, Sustainability Director

FSE's Cloud-based, barcoded, preventive maintenance program (Maintenance Track) has resulted in reduced energy costs, increased asset life extension and reduced outsourced break/fix repair costs.
Oak Hills Local School District Logo

John Bekemeyer, Director of Operations

Start Saving

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