Assess. Identify. Accomplish.

Unexpected equipment failure breaks the maintenance budget. Take control of your facility costs through a Facility Assessment and Capital Planning, which can:

Set benchmarks
Protect asset lifespans
Plan for replacement costs
Determine a budget
Prioritize preventive maintenance


Knowledge is power. Evaluate your building's components and equipment conditions, from building enclosures to critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. As your partner, FSE will assign all assets a condition rating, and consider current maintenance practices, including budgeting, staffing and maintenance practices.
Identify efficiencies that need immediate attention
Recommend repairs, upgrades and replacements


Create a Plan. Capital Planning takes a Facility Assessment further to make a detailed plan for the future of your building. We work with you to prioritize short-term and long-term projects that meet the needs of your facility, as well as your vision. Capital Plans:
Forecast necessary upcoming repairs, upgrades and replacement projects
Stategically plan long-term capital replacement projects
Your Capital Plan is not only critical for ensuring you have a strategy for ongoing repairs and upgrades, but also to assist in securing additional funding.

Benefits to You

Your building is unique. FSE tailors our approach and reporting to you and your facility. With 35+ years of facility operation and support experience, our Facility Assessments and Capital Plans, FSE will help you:
Create an efficient operations team, capable of maintaining and repairing equipment
Decrease unexpected repair costs, emergency replacement costs and energy spikes
Increase equipment lifespan, occupant comfort and energy efficiency
Set a clear path moving forward with short- and long-term projects, and a plan for future expenditures
CDC Roybal Building 19
"Four Season Environmental Inc. has been the facilities management provider for CDC facilities for over 20 years… It's a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. We have always been able to rely on their flexibility and courteous service. I recommend them to you without reservation."

George K. Raymond,  Deputy Director

Centers for Disease Control

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