Maintenance Planning

As the leading Maintenance Plan Advisor for schools in Ohio, we are proud to be pre-approved with the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission. Additionally, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has had the privilege of working with more than 100 Ohio school districts as their Maintenance Plan advisor.

Maintenance Planning provides school districts with an accurate assessment of the district's facilities and maintenance practices. Through an asset inventory, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. creates a plan tailored to the District's maintenance needs. The Maintenance Plan will offer budget and staffing recommendations, as well as a number of other recommendations and resources for effectively maintaining school facilities.

In addition to a detailed Maintenance Plan, FSE offers a Maintenance Management solution: Maintenance Track. Maintenance Track is a web-based software that provides facilities management in one convenient system, enabling all team members to collaborate on work order, preventive maintenance procedures, asset management and scheduling.

MPA Experience

The following are Ohio school districts for which FSE provided Maintenance Planning services:

Columbus City Schools

Columbus City Schools chose FSE to provide its Maintenance Planning services for 51 new and renovated schools. FSE created staffing and budgeting recommendations tailored to the new and updated facilities and equipment, as well as provided preventive maintenance steps.

Columbus City Schools: Arts Impact Middle School
Great Oaks Career Campuses

FSE created a customized Maintenance Plan for Great Oaks' 28 buildings. Additionally, FSE has provided commissioning and retro-commissioning services, and currently provides ongoing maintenance support to the more than 1 million square feet of eduational space.

Lancaster City Schools

FSE created a Maintenance Plan for Lancaster City Schools' three elementary schools, and is currently working on two new Junior High School buildings.

Oak Hills Local School District

FSE created a Facility Audit Report for Oak Hills Local School District's nine school buildings. Additionally, FSE provides ongoing maintenance support for the District, which utilizes FSE's Maintenance Track software.