Supervisors Show Appreciation

December 2019

I met Kenny Ross in 1988 during the construction of CDC's Building 15 at the Clifton Road Campus. He worked for the general contractor: Blount Bros; I worked for Honeywell. We became good friends. My supervisor at Honeywell informed me that due to a lack of work, they were going to have to lay me off. He suggested that I check with the maintenance contractor over at CDC where I had installed the pneumatic controls for Honeywell. The contractor happened to be FSE. Well, I went over there and ran into Kenny who had went to work for Four Seasons. I asked him, "How is it to work for this company?"

Kenny told me, "Parker, you could do a whole lot worse. They ain't a bad company to work for. They're alright!" 28 years later, in March 2016, Kenny retired. I followed in June. I retired as the Executive Vice President of Four Seasons Environmental. I owe it all to that day when Kenny told me, "Parker, you could do a whole lot worse! They ain't a bad company to work for." Sometimes God puts people in our lives to help us get where he wants us to be. My testimony today is God has been good to me. He put Kenny Ross in my life to make me who God wanted me to be.

Kenny always had my back, no matter what it was! He always kept you laughing; he was always in good spirits; and he had a nickname for everybody!

"Ross, I need you to wax the lab floors," I'd say. "Parker, we got a lot of work to do and a short time to do it in, but not today!" he'd say.

"Ross, I need you to clean the catwalks today," I'd request. "Parker, I'll get a crew right on it," he'd respond.

We will always love and remember you, "Emperor." On behalf of myself and all of Four Seasons Employees that your life touched with your wit and smile, we say thank you!

Darwin Parker