Supervisors Show Appreciation

September 2019

Supervisors Prepare LunchesFSE Supervisors and Managers at the CDC Roybal Campus showed their appreciation to all of their amazing staff through an annual picnic. The Supervisors and Managers handle all of the planning, shopping, cooking and packing of the plates that go out to each shop.

"The type of food served, and the way food has been distributed, has changed over the years, but this summertime 'we appreciate ya'll' is looked forward to and enjoyed by all, including those of us who are doing the work," explains Valori Benner, Lab Refrigeration Shop Supervisor. "The atmosphere here on campus is different that day."

Each employee is served two hot dogs, a hamburger, chips, cookies and a drink.

While the picnic is only for the 7-3 and 3-11 shifts, at a later date, the Supervisors and Managers will come in early and cook a big breakfast for the 11-7 crew members.

Darren Dean, CDC Contract Administrator, adds "While it's only one day, we appreciate the hard work of our incredible team members all year long."

Employees Grab Lunches