Team of Six Manages 3 Million Square Feet!

June 2019

Map of the Defense Supply Center ColumbusWith only a team of six, our maintenance and operations team at the Defense Supply Center Columbus incredibly maintains approximately 3 million square feet.

Jay Widner, Project Manager at the DSCC, explains that each maintenance technician is essentially a project manager. "Right from the get go, they're responsible for their area," Jay says. "I support them when they need it, but I trust them to take care of their responsibilities, from parts to subcontractors."

While maintaining such a large space with only six people is definitely a challenge, Jay credits his team's success to each staff member knowing their section so well. "Each technician knows their area and the problems that go along with it," he explains. "Each morning, they know the common problem areas to check, and they're more equipped to handle issues when they arise."

Jay works closely with Nancy Tyler, Maintenance Scheduler at DSCC, to support the team. Both work together to dole out assignments, and Jay supports the technicians when needed. "At the end of the day, we're all out here doing the same thing, trying to keep things working and solving problems," says Jay. "The crew here is amazing. They all have really great attitudes and that is what keeps the ship sailing."

Thank you to Jay, Nancy, Stephen Edelen, John Oberting, Jorge Padilla, Thomas Scott, and Edward Timmons for all of your amazing work keeping the DSCC running as efficiently as possible!

DSCC Staff