Hooked on Crocheting

June 2019

Dana Fisher and her dad with their crocheted blankets

"I know people see crocheting as something your grandmother does, and don't think it's 'cool,'" says Dana Fisher, Administrative Assistant at USDA Athens, "but it is a relaxing, stress busting hobby that you can do anywhere and you can create really beautiful things." Furthermore, she explains that crocheting isn't only for women. "I love telling people that my dad taught me when I was a kid," she says. She recalls creating granny square blankets with her dad, mom and sister when she was a teenager, calling it one of her favorite memories. "All of us being together, doing something we all enjoyed together, with yarn everywhere, was so much fun." Dana continues to crochet with others, noting that having friends and family that help each other learn stitches and patterns, creates a camaraderie that brings a lot of fun. Dana currently crochets with her sister who crochets dolls for their nieces and nephews, as well as with fellow FSE employee Martha Wilson (Material Coordinator at USDA Athens).

Dana explains that she crochets nearly every day, with one to two projects going on at any given time, for the joy of it. Despite her incredible talent, selling her work isn't an option, explaining that it would take the joy away. "I think there is something special and personal about giving someone something that took time to make," she explains. "I love surprising family and friends with things I put a lot of heart and time into, especially when they aren't expecting it. I love seeing the joy it brings them."

One such project is a wedding gift Dana created for her niece who married recently. The project took 96 hours! "This particular blanket I would pray over while I crocheted because I wanted my niece and her new husband to be covered and surrounded in the prayers for their new marriage every time they used it."

Below, see a couple of samples of Dana's work, including the wedding blanket and a temperature blanket, in which she crochets a small portion each day for the corresponding temperature!

Dana Fisher's Crocheted Wedding Gift  

Dana Fisher's Crocheted Temperature Blanket