Let's Get to Know… Philip Dickerson!

May 2019 Philip Dickerson

Name: Philip Dickerson

Project Site: NIOSH – Cincinnati, OH

Job Title: Material Handler

How long have you worked for FSE? I started working for FSE cleaning offices at Monroe when I was 13. In high school/college I worked part time at the office. Then, I went to work at NIOSH full time, going on seven years.

What do you like most about your job and why? I really like interacting with people through the GSA sales and inventory.

What is your favorite restaurant and why? Pies and Pints (for their great pizza) and Sammy's (they have my favorite burger).

What is your favorite movie and why? The Fast and Furious series…there is so much action and great car chases and stunts.

What do I enjoy when not at work and why? I really like going to car shows to see the variety of cars and how people express themselves in what they do to their cars.

What is your favorite hobby and why? Anything to do with cars – I like the challenge of fixing things myself and if I can't figure it out, there's always an answer on YouTube.

Of what accomplishments are you most proud? I just found out that I'm being inducted in the Miami University Middletown Athletic Hall of Fame for baseball. There's only been, I believe, 35 inductees in all sports, so I feel honored that someone nominated me and I was chosen.

Who would you like to live like for a day and why? A professional baseball player – to be able to play in a professional setting with all the players…would be really cool.

What is your favorite family tradition? Sunday night dinner at my parents' house with the whole family.