FSE Improves Service Awards

May 2019

FSE is excited to announce a new partnership that should make celebrating your work anniversary even better! As of January 1st, FSE is working with Terryberry, a family-owned company, to provide service awards.

With the new program, employees can choose a gift from a catalog associated with their number of years of service. "In the past, we gave the same gift to all employees, depending on their number of years of service," explains Christel Skorup of Human Resources, "but now employees can pick something they truly want."

Additionally, instead of only recognizing employees with 5 and ten years of service, we now recognize employees with 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service. Furthermore, anniversaries will be recognized quarterly instead of annually, so employees will be rewarded in a timely manner. "We appreciate all that our employees do to make FSE a thriving company," says Christel, "so we are excited to find a better way to thank them!"