Jessica Dennis Maintains Excellence

November 2018

Jessica DennisLearning a new system can be a challenge, but thanks to Jessica Dennis, General Clerk at USDA Ft. Pierce, FSE maintenance staff at the United States Department of Agriculture were able to easily transition from its old Computerized Maintenance Management System to FSE's own system, Maintenance Track.

The USDA sites previously used MP2, but at the start of 2018, began using Maintenance Track to schedule and track preventive maintenance. In order to make a smooth transition, Jessica was tasked with learning the system and training maintenance employees.

"It was a lot of on-the-job learning," says Walt Dennis, Project Superintendent at USDA Ft. Pierce and Jessica's father. "Before long, she was teaching us about the system, instead of the other way around."

In fact, Beth York, Administrative Coordinator at USDA Athens, says, "Jessica really spent a lot of time getting to know and understand the intricacies of how Maintenance Track worked."

Implementation began at Ft. Pierce, and then Jessica helped to also roll out the software at Athens. "She was able to conduct very encouraging training and positively affect the mood of the people doing the work," says Beth.

In addition to helping make the transition to Maintenance Track as smooth as possible, Beth notes that Jessica handles all of her work in the same positive manner. "She is a tremendous asset to the FSE USDA team," Beth says. "She has a great positive attitude. She is an excellent employee and an excellent person."

Thank you Jessica for helping to keep our USDA teams not only efficient, but positive!