Mission Possible Thanks to NOAA Team!

March 2018

NOAA PumpOn November 20, 2017, JR Faunce, Project Manager, was on his way home from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration when he received a call from Second Shift Engineer David Poole. David said the pumps in the chiller room were tripping out. He could get them started again, but they would run for ten minutes, and then trip out again.

"Meanwhile, NOAA had just launched an important satellite the day before," JR explains. "During launches, they have a three-day window where nothing can go wrong and we were right in the middle of that, so it was critical that we keep the chillers going."

JR went back to NOAA, as did Kevin Price, Facilities Services Supervisor. JR looked at the displays on the pumps and noticed there was a voltage anomaly. After vetting the situation for about two hours to be absolutely certain, JR, Kevin and David decided it must be a street power problem.

The team called the Government and recommended that they switch to a generator to solve the issue. GSA and NOAA held a meeting and, within 20 minutes, agreed to their recommendation.

JR, Kevin and David fired up the generator, transferring the building from commercial power to generator power and, within 10 minutes, they noticed the problem was resolved. The government decided to stay on generator power overnight to ensure the problem was solved.

"I am so proud to be a part of this team," JR says. "Dave has been with us more than 10 years and Kevin knows the buildings' systems like nobody's business – without the right people, we might not have been able to find the right solution."

Vanessa Griffin, Director of the Office of Satellite and Product Operations, voices her appreciation, saying, "On behalf of the OSPO, I would like to say thank you to you and the TMG/FSE team for a tremendous effort. We greatly appreciate your team's dedication to our mission."