Shared Vision 2018

March 2018

FSE Team - I reflected on the feedback we received from the year-end survey and year-end meeting. I commit the following as our shared vision for 2018.

Unity - Relationships are the key to our success, with one another, and with our customer. Our core value training will continue to reinforce and encourage this as the cornerstone of our culture. I am grateful for the deep relationships you have developed that make FSE more than just a job and a workplace, but that make FSE a family.

Training - Training will continue to be a focal point at every job site. Technical training, safety training, and core value training will become a long-term staple for every FSE associate. Thank you for embracing this training and allowing it to make us the very best workforce we can be.

Health Care - Our leadership team has made this our number one priority for 2018, and we hope to unveil new health care options very soon.

Benefits and Communication - From our significant push toward better health care, to 401K options, to sick leave, we will continue to strengthen our benefits communication to you. We will continue to improve our communication via our newsletter, ongoing updates to all project managers, and site visits from home office support staff. We are committed to better benefit communication in 2018.

Job Description, Goal Setting and Performance Reviews - In 2018 we will focus on improving job descriptions, helping to promote and achieve personal goals, and enhance the year-end evaluations to ensure we support each FSE team member to achieve your greatest potential.

Paperless Workplace and Paperless CMMS - Our digital world moves more toward a paperless frontier each and every day. FSE wants to embrace these advancements in technology to reduce time with paperwork and afford more time in the field and with the customer. We welcome and encourage all innovative ideas. Our goal is to unveil a tablet-based solution that will enable paperless Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), paperless tour logs, paperless safety inspections, and Cloud-based file storage. Thank you for embracing this change to help FSE remain competitive and compliant for the years to come.

Purchasing and Best Practice Site Sharing - Every FSE jobsite provides unique insight and experiences with a variety of products, vendors, new technology, and lessons learned. We will begin to share these insights with a monthly conference call and web-based knowledge forum. We look forward to improving what we do and how we do it through the deep expertise that each jobsite contributes to the success of our customer.

Thank you for all you do, in being Positive People, who Provide Excellent Service, with Exceptional Care.

Reed Tarkington