Letter from the Vice Emeritus President: Leads Form Transformational Leadership Brotherhood, Sisterhood

February 2017

On October 19 and 20th and November 2nd and 3rd of last year Ron Wyrtzen, USDA Project Manager and new Vice President at Four Seasons, and I facilitated class training on Transformational Leadership as taught by FSH Founder and CEO Ford Taylor to the Lead Technicians at the CDC. The two-day classes were held at The Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Roybal facility.

CDC Leads Undergo Transformational Leadership ClassThe Leads at CDC are extremely vital to the success of FSE's mission at CDC. They possess the superior technical knowledge required to instruct those under their direction and in their respective crews to operate, maintain and make repairs using industry standards and manufacturers recommendations. They are the right hand of the supervisors that each work under. They are definitely "Exceptional People completing Exceptional Work with Exceptional Care."

Transformational Leadership provides valuable leadership training for the employee to be used with their crews and families. We discuss removing constraints, equipping leaders and empowering people. The goal is to provide the tools and ingredients needed to become the kind of leader that each aspires to be. Transformational Leaders who can lead in a way that can have positive impact in every way in which they have influence. As facilitators we teach, train and equip (tool) each person to empower them to go to another level of leadership in every area in their lives which they have to lead. Whether this may be at home or at work.

The overwhelming positive response by the Leads taking the classes was nothing less than totally awesome! CDC Leads form Transformational Social CovenantTwenty-six Leads attended the classes and all 26 class surveys completed at the end of the class showed all participants were "Very Satisfied" with the classes. We asked what participants found to be the most beneficial aspect of training and responses ranged from "Open discussion and interaction, personal experience by the trainers" to "everything."

Darren Dean, FSE/DCD Contract Administrator, even emailed me soon after and said, "Thank you Darwin and Ron, for bringing TL to the Leads. I am getting a lot of positive feedback already. Hopefully this will give the Leads the tools to better communicate with each other, their supervisors and crews."

On January 11, the Leads at CDC overwhelmingly signed a Social Covenant, written by themselves, that identified how each of them want to be treated as a Lead, as a person, and as a human being. They identified a process to follow if one of them faltered and violated the agreement.

A special thanks to the dedication and work by Michael Harton, Roshonda Jackson and Kenutay Adams in leading the charge of getting the group together as one!

Thank you,

Darwin Parker
Vice President Emeritus

Social Covenant 2

Social Covenant 1