Passing the Test

September 2016

Walt DennisRecently, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. received a letter of appreciation for Walt Dennis, (FSE Project Superintendent), Aaron Beauchamp (FSE Electrician) and Nelson Vandergrift (FSE HVACR technician) at FSE's USDA project site in Ft. Pierce, FL. FSE's Customer Vic M. Agahan, Facility Manager at the USDA, Agricultural Research Service wrote:

"I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to the Four Seasons Environmental Team, especially to Walt Dennis' crew, in coordinating with our electrical contractor and Florida Power and Lighting in scheduling the four power outages in order to service all our electrical switchgear. As you know, all our electrical switchgear never received any preventive maintenance since our facility was commissioned in 2000. Performing this major critical task reduced the chance of unplanned power outages that could affect our facility's research mission. Appreciate the promptness and professionalism of Walt's crew in restoring the power with minimum disruption.

A job well done."

Ron Wyrtzen, Project Manager at FSE, explains that shutting off the power to run the test has a drastic effect on everything from freezers to computers, so Walt, Aaron and Nelson set everything up and made sure none of the research at the USDA was affected. "They just excel at everything they do down there," Ron says. "Walt and his team are really proactive about solving problems and averting problems as well. They really strive to please the customer and they do it very well."

Thank you to Walt and his team for continuing to provide exceptional care to the USDA facilities.