Unexpected Help

July 2016

The following post was taken from Facebook and melted our hearts. Not only is it a wonderful example about helping others in need, but it also is about a truly wonderful FSE employee, Bill Huff, General Mechanic at NIOSH Taft.

Tamara writes:

Bill  Huff Mowing the LawnSilence is your only claim to wisdom" -Job 13 A few days ago, I was worried about my yard. It's growing time and with my one boy gone far to South Africa, my other scaling Montana's mountains and my one here working full time, I felt that creepy uppy thing that gets me most in the middle of the night start in. I couldn't sleep because my grass was waving like a prairie, my lawnmower doesn't work; I have no extra cash to pay for it and no idea what to do about any of it. Those little things that make a woman alone feel most definitely alone and eat at my peace like little mice. So, I told God my dilemma. Two days later I came home to a tiny yellow post it on my door. "If you need help with your yard or getting your mower started, I can help." There was a phone number and a man's name. "Ok. But God. Remember? I don't have money for this. And besides. Who is this man??" So I ignored it.

Last night I fell asleep early on my couch. My girl sat quiet watching a movie when the post it note man showed up. "Tell your mom I used to cut the grass for the man who lived here for years. She doesn't have to worry about paying me. I just thought she might need help." So I called him tonight and told him my story. Told him that I'd taken it right to my Father, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and asked Him to show me what to do. "I'm a Christian," says post it note man. "I was driving by your house and noticing your grass growing and kept feeling like I was supposed to stop and offer to help. My pastors' kids go to your school. I'll be there tonight and get your grass taken care of."

I've learned to keep company with being quiet. Here lately I lean into the silence to listen. It's then I am learning wisdom. It's then I know better what to say when I speak. I've come to tell you this. He doesn't have to show up? But He always does. If you're watching for Him. Sometimes He leaves His words on post it notes.

Thank you Bill for not only serving FSE's customers, but also our community!