The Generous Spirit of the Season

Letter from the President: The Generous Spirit of the Seasons

December 2015

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite seasons and, thanks to American marketing, we are swept from one right into the other. If you are truly grateful - it transforms into generosity. Christmas brings an emphasis on generosity more than any other time of year. I maintain that even in our country, where we live like royalty in comparison to the much of the world, there remains a great need for generosity. I want to encourage us to be generous in an intentional way this Christmas.

I just got the news that several of our employees, who have traditionally participated in a gift exchange, have chosen to pool their gift exchange funds to help out a truly needy family. My heart is overwhelmed by this intentional act of generosity and I am challenged again to make sure that I am intentional in my generosity this year.

Can I encourage us to set aside one thing that we would receive for ourselves for someone in greater need this Christmas? Perhaps we can find a way to bless or help someone who could never pay us back or return the favor. Can we give someone a meal or even serve someone a meal? Our neighborhoods, churches and schools are filled with opportunities for generosity to change someone's day or life.

Generosity need not be a substantial investment. Small acts done with great love can change the world. The power of generosity is in its sincerity, rather than its substantiality. This is my best wish for all of us at FSE this Christmas - the spirit of generosity. We can be a small part of making this a special time of year for so many who are facing adversity. Whether it's time, talent or treasure we share - in any amount - it is more blessed to give than receive. Join me and let's all participate in very intentional generosity this Christmas. Generosity is the vehicle that grace rides on to its destination.

Christmas Blessings on your homes and families this year. You never cease to amaze me.Ken Dickerson

Ken Dickerson