Generous Investing

Letter from the President

August 2015

Investing in generosity brings better dividends than the most astute financial planning.

Generosity is contagious when practiced in an intentional manner. Generosity develops goodwill. When meeting the needs of our clients and employees is a higher priority than the bottom line, we seldom catch a glimpse of the bottom of our barrel. If we invest time, talent and treasure in worthwhile causes, we change the world around us and forget about wringing our hands over nickels and dimes.

We often associate generosity with money. This is easy to do in our culture because money, and what it can obtain, is so highly valued. We often forget that, regardless of our finances, we all have other assets with which we can be generous. I believe people have three sources of capital: time, talent and treasure. We have all been given some of this in various amounts. If we are interested in living an impactful life, we must take an inventory of what we have that can impact our world around us. Some people with a lot of money don't have a lot of time. Some people with a lot of time don't have a lot of talent. Some people with a lot of talent don't have a lot of money. The key to significance is being generous with what you have.

We are in the business of service. We provide clients what they need, but do not have. Excellent service is something they get from us that may not be readily available elsewhere and we get paid for this service. The generosity factor kicks in when we add exceptional care to our services. This is value added. This is above what they paid for. This makes them better off and also makes us better off. The exceptional care comes from our personal and corporate generosity. We give more time; we give more talent; we give more value, and it comes back to us in the form of trust and loyalty.

What human capital or resources do you have to consider investing in your job, your family, your community? Where and how can you become significant today? If you have something in abundance, and you share it with someone who has little of it, you raise its value much higher than it was when you alone possessed it. Whether it's time, expertise, wisdom, or finances – your act of sharing increases the value of what you have been given or earned. Be generous – you might change your world.

All of you continue to have my highest regard. Blessings to each and every one of you and your families today!

Ken Dickerson