FSE Team Turns up the Heat

June 2015

Emanuel Belfield, Keith Wilson and Ivan BranchKen L. Bowen, the Director for Engineering, Maintenance and Operations Service Office, recently contacted Four Seasons to express his gratitude for work Emanuel Belfield, Keith Wilson and Ivan Branch performed on the CDC Building 18. Below is an email he sent:

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank FSE staff in partnering with CDC to repair Building 18 during a fire that occurred on March 25, 2015. FSE has, over the years, been a positive extension to CDC to keep the nation's science working. FSE worked 24/7 beginning on March 25, 2015 to make all the necessary repairs to the building. During this process, FSE was able to turn a floor back over to CDC every 4.5 days. Below is some of the massive amount of repair work the FSE staff was exposed to:

Remove and Repair/Replace Drywall: 27,307 sf
Paint: 32,000 sf
Remove and Replace Glue Down Carpet Squares: 12,600 sf
Remove and replace tile flooring: 8,200 sf
Detach and Reset Shelving: 64
Detach and Reset Sinks: 42
Office and Cubicles: 84
Procedure Rooms: 26
Hoods removal and recertification: 19
Approximately lab affected area: 73,440 sf
Approximately office affected area: 19,600 sf

CDC appreciates your hard work and, to sum it all up in three words, 'Job Well Done!'"

Darwin Parker, Vice President, adds, "A special thanks to Emanuel Belfield, Keith Wilson and Ivan Branch for a great job consisting of long hours and hard work in making the customer satisfied after a major fire here at CDC. The total damage done by water was over $1.4million. These three worked day and night, along with our Fire & Water Damage Restoration contractor, to rebuild BSL/3 laboratory and office spaces on 9 floors."