Good Relationships Bring More Success to Business than the Most Expensive Marketing Schemes
Letter from the President:
Good Relationships Bring More Success to Business than the Most Expensive Marketing Schemes

June 2015

Life is all about people and the interaction between people, and our business is no different. We are a service provider and the excellence with which we provide our services is a powerful influence on our success today and our success tomorrow.

Our clients are comprised of people with needs. Our company is comprised of people who can meet our clients' needs. Our effectiveness in meeting those needs results in our good reputation and our good name. Investing in our abilities to meet needs and serve people creates clients who share their satisfaction with others who need our services. As Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

Slick slogans, intelligent promises and impressive credentials are good things to have, if we can afford them, but excellent service with exceptional care will always make our clients walking advertisements. Most of our long-term clients began with a personal relationship and certainly all of our long-term clients continue because of personal relationships. As we make our clients' goals and missions our own, we take steps to move beyond a role as service provider and into a role of trusted advisor. Trusted advisors are few and far between in today's marketplace and trusted advisors are highly valued. I know we feel strongly about our relationships with our support team of trusted advisors. We feel good about paying them because their loyalty and valuable services have proven essential to our success time and time again. We are not bashful about spreading their good name to others who are looking for their services.

Our clients do us the same favor and we are grateful to be associated with their success. Let me encourage us to make our services positive, excellent, exceptional and personal every chance we get. I am grateful for every one of you and the great value you bring to our work place each day. Thanks for all you do to make FSE exceptional.

Ken Dickerson