We the Pearls

June 2015

We Are The PearlsIn July 2013, FSE's newsletter featured a story about Kelsey Cassato, Sales Representative in FSE's Tampa, FL office, and her work with the No More Foundation. Inthe article, Kelsey discussed her future trip to Thailand to help rescue children being sold into the slave trade. Since then, Kelsey has been a part of a team creating a documentary about the hope that can also be found in the area. Their documentary, We the Pearls was just screened at the Justice Film Festival. Below is Kelsey's story:

We the Pearls is a documentary that The No More Foundation created in 2013. Its setting in Northern Thailand creates the perfect foundation for its storyline of redemption from human trafficking. This documentary follows the story of three different cases in which the subject was at risk for trafficking but, due to prevention efforts by Rescue1 Global, they did not end up in the slave trade on the streets of Bangkok. Unfortunately, the slave trade is a common fate for children in Thailand. We the Pearls wanted to shy away from focusing on the dark side of trafficking, like so many documentaries have already done, and wanted to focus on the hope and redemption that can come through people putting forth an effort to prevent it from happening.

My role in the documentary was to be the "Type A" organized personality that kept all the "Type B" creative types in line. As I traveled to Thailand with the film crew and worked on it for the months afterwards, I did my best to keep everyone organized and punctual in their deadlines. It sounds like a menial task, but filmmakers are often perfectionists and could take years to create a documentary that is intended to be completed in 12 months.

Being accepted in the Justice Film Festival was a huge accomplishment for We the Pearls and the No More Foundation. The Justice Film Festival, which is sponsored by the Justice Conference, is held annually in large cities in the U.S. with the main goal of gathering people and churches that are passionate about different injustices in the United States and around the world. It was an honor to have so many see that prevention of trafficking is possible, and that there are just as many stories of hope as there are stories of desolation.

A Q&A that followed our screening was very helpful in shedding some more light on how people can get involved in prevention in their own cities. We the Pearls set out with the intention to be screened in 10 large cities across the states. So far we have met that goal and continue to screen in cities such as: Tampa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, and more.

To learn more about We the Pearls, visit the We the Pearls Facebook page.