Visioneer: Robert Stohr Maintains Stellar Work

April 2015

Robert StohrOnce again, we are excited to share with you stories of our employees Four Seasons' vision: Positive People providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care.

Elizabeth York, Administrative Coordinator at the USDA in Athens, GA recently worked with Robert Stohr, Web Administrator out of our Tampa, Florida office and was pleased by the experience. Elizabeth explains:

"Jody, Eddie and I met with Robert today regarding the changes to Maintenance Track. Robert is taking care of a minor tweak, but so far we feel we have great success with this project.

Robert did an excellent job working out the kinks with system.

I know this job wasn't easy, especially trying to make the three of us happy, as well as our customer. I really appreciate his cooperative attitude. It is obvious that he put his 'heart and soul' into this project.

He is a 'positive person providing excellent service with exceptional care.'

Thank you Robert!!!!"