FSE Honors Worker Anniversaries

February 2015

Four Seasons loves to acknowledge the hard work and deification of our incredible employees. In this issue, we want to acknowledge the many employees who have provided excellent service for two incredible milestones: five years and ten years as of 2014!

Five Years

Arthur Pearson
Barnett Bailey
Cornelius Bynum
Deon Boyer
Jason Lance
Jodi Minick
John Crumley
John Pasqualetti
Joshua Phillips
Lance Maugé
Mark Newcomb
Paul Hollifield
Randolph Coleman
Robert Bankston
Rodney White
William Huff
William Stephens
Willis Simpson

Ten Years

Anthony Hogan
Corey Stocks
Daryl Huff
David McDaniel
David Weikel
Henry Kwasniak
James Christopher

Larry Boggs
Nelson Vandegri
ftRichard Miley
Ronald Bolton
Tony Rauch
Wyley Shepherd

See images of some of the employees below!

Corey Stocks

David Weikel

Henry Kwasniak

John Pasqualetti

Larry Boggs

Wyley Sheperd