Letter from the President

August 2014

Finding The Sweet Spot

Every great hitter in baseball has a sweet spot. It's the focal point of the batter's potential to maximize their natural ability. When a baseball enters this zone, it is likely to receive their best effort and maximum success. There are many great hitters and their sweet spots are not the same. The greatest skill comes in recognizing where the sweet spot is so they are able to aggressively pursue opportunities for success.

FSE is a successful company and, like successful hitters, we have our sweet spot. This past week my leadership coach presented me with a great way to recognize our potential and focus on our sweet spot. This is the place where opportunities meet our best potential. I want to briefly share and encourage all of you to understand where the FSE sweet spot is and how we can continue to focus our talents, efforts and resources in pursuit of opportunities that are in that sweet spot.

Let's picture three circles that intersect each other. The spot where all three circles intersect becomes the sweet spot that maximizes our potential for success. The first circle represents what we are really good at; the second circle represents where the greatest potential for success or profitability is; the third circle represents what we are most passionate about as a company. Here is my take on where we stand.

Sweet Spot Diagram

Circle One: FSE has mastered the ability to come along beside our clients as a trusted adviser and extension of their own staff. We have mastered this in the government-contracting arena where there is an inclination to encourage arms-length relationships and the potential for adversarial attitudes. Because of your gifts and the vision of our ownership, we have mastered the ability to grow trust and confidence by sharing in the pursuit of the aspirations of our clients regarding their mission. This art is unique in the government-contracting arena.

Circle Two: Our expertise and experience is in Facilities Operation and Maintenance – particularly as it applies to mission critical and/or complex facilities, such as laboratories, secure buildings and data centers. We understand what it costs to operate these facilities in a highly efficient manner and, therefore, are able to do this in a profitable manner while giving our clients great value.

Circle Three: As an organization, our passion is people. We understand that every person in the chain of our organization and our clients' organizations is significant to success. It is our vision to positively impact our employees and the employees of our clients through excellent service and exceptional care. We understand that beyond vision and function, people make the difference between failure and success as well as the difference between mediocrity and world-class quality.

If this definition of our three circles is correct, then we can focus on where these intersect one another when we evaluate our opportunities for success as a company. The more an opportunity lines up with what we do best, the potential to profit from our expertise, experience and our passion, the greater that opportunity has potential for success. In other words, is there great opportunity to build trust and work as a team, to work in a complex facility environment and maximize the potential of the people involved in the project? If this holds true, than we should focus on that opportunity, but, if we see the opportunity moving away from our FSE success circles, we must consider moving on. The best hitters don't swing at pitches outside their sweet spot.

We can use this principle in our personal lives as well, making the focus of our attention on what we do best, where we can maximize our expertise, experience and where our passion lies. If we take the time to routinely examine this principle, we will find ourselves functioning in our sweet spot without wasting time, effort and treasure chasing every fleeting opportunity in the wind. We will harness the energy of our passion and efficiently contribute significance to our world around us.

FSE is blessed with a lot of people who do this naturally. It's my wish that we become more intentional in our efforts to remain a world-class service provider as we move into the future.

Thanks for all you do to make us better. You remain in my highest regard.

Ken Dickerson