Holiday Wellness Tips

GingerbreadDecember 2013

Don't Take A Holiday From Wellness
The holidays are great. But, don't let them become an excuse to go overboard on sweets or drinks. Continue to get plenty of sleep and physical activity.

Alcohol Has Calories, Too!
Alcohol has more calories per gram than carbs or protein. It can also loosen your resolve, leading you to overdo ships, nuts and other foods.

Got the Holiday Blues? Prevention is the Best Medicine

Acknowledge your feelings. You can't force yourself to be happy just because it's the holiday season.

Reach out. If you feel lonely or isolated, seek out community, religious or other social events; they can offer support and companionship.

Be realistic. The holidays don't have to be perfect or just like they used to be. Find new ways to celebrate.

Plan ahead and stick to a budget. Before you go gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. No need to add financial stress to the mix.

Learn to say no. Saying yes when you should say no can leave you feeling overwhelmed.