Ron Bolton Grows Customer Appreciation at USDA

July 2013
United States Department of Agriculture
Ron Bolton
We are proud to name Ron Bolton from our USDA Athens staff as the FSE "Visioneer" for this July 2013 Newsletter. Ron's commitment to "Excellent Service with Exceptional Care" is evident in praise from our USDA client, specifically Jackie Clark who wrote us in May. Jackie wrote, "Now that the TMRU Archive Room set up project is almost complete, I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the work that ALL the FSE staff have done….Particularly, I want to let you know what a great job Ronnie Bolton and his team did in cleaning and disinfecting the area for us. I was just in there again this morning and it looks, feels, and smells so nice and clean… Please make sure to let everyone know how much their efforts mean! THANK YOU!!!!"

Ron is a great asset to our efforts to please our client and continuously improve. We are thankful to have Ron Bolton on our team.