Letter from the President: Where (and How) Do I Fit In?

July 2013

Where (and How) Do I Fit In?

As I have stated before, "In the simplest terms, FSE is a service provider. Service is what we produce and what we do." There are tens of thousands of service providers in the United States. There are hundreds of Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Performance Contractors providing the type of services we provide. What makes us better than most of them? What makes us unique? What makes us able to survive with a good reputation and a profitable history for over 25 years? In the simplest terms, you do. The character, expertise, talents, and diversity of the FSE workforce has assured our success in the past and lends confidence to our hopes for the future. It is my great desire that each of us comes to clearly know our personal significance, value and contributions to the ongoing success of this enterprise. In this issue, I want to focus on how we can understand "where and how do I fit in at FSE."

The first step to this process is to reduce our core job description into a single powerful sentence. Simple is not necessarily easy. This will require much thought and deliberation on our duties, values, skills and motivations. To help you understand what I mean, I have already taken the time to write one for me. It is "to provide our corporate family positive leadership, inspiration, motivation and resources to perpetuate a culture of excellent service and passion for exceptional care." Will you join me over the next several weeks in writing your own personal, one-sentence job description and sharing it with your supervisor or your Project Manager? To encourage us to embrace this exercise I am offering rewards. Everyone who successfully contributes a one-sentence job description will get a reward. I will convene a panel to judge site winners and corporate winners eligible for even larger prizes some time before the end of the year. This exercise will be fun, inspiring and productive as we articulate our value and unique significance to corporate success.

Here are some important things to contemplate as we participate in this exercise:

  • How have my past experiences and education accrued to my value to FSE?

  • How does my attitude regarding serving others make me productive?

  • What have my relationships taught me about teamwork, responsibility and integrity?

  • How does my culture and ethnicity lend me unique insights to solving work-related challenges?

  • How does my personal life mission line up with the FSE mission? (Positive People providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care.)

Our diverse perspectives, talents, experiences, and insights are the ingredient that multiplies all that we bring together as a group into something greater than the sum of our personal efforts. It is the ingredient that makes the cake rise. I believe that we have joined together a team that is not only able to inspire, but is able to be inspired. Bring what you have got to the table and let's build for success. More on this in the next issue.

All of you constantly inspire me,

Ken Dickerson