Letter from the President: Exceptional Care

March 2013

In our last newsletter we talked about Excellent Service. Now let's discuss what Exceptional FSE's VisionCare brings to the table of our success. Exceptional Care becomes the third foundational pillar of our success. It is a value and a practice that shapes service providers into the class of our industry. It sets us apart from our competition and it grips our clients with a sense of loyalty and trust. The attitude and practice of Exceptional Care demands ownership of our responsibilities and a passion of helping people. Exceptional Care can create a workplace that positive people desire to be a part of and it can foster long-term relationships with our most valued clients. Let's talk about four distinct ways to practice Exceptional Care.

We learn our client's mission and make it our own. We learn their goals as well as their fears and stand with them to make each day a successful one. We learn how their organization functions and strive to make them heroes in the eyes of those they work for and those they serve. We bring our expertise and our integrity to their requirements and their problems, and help them fulfill their responsibilities, regardless of who gets the credit.

We value our client's resources and use them productively. We care about their working conditions, the costs of their utilities, the care of their equipment and the value of their time. We come alongside them to make them efficient and productive every working day. We comply with their protocols in regard to security, safety and communications. We operate as responsible shareholders when asking for their funds, equipment and time.

We deal with our clients honestly and fairly. Tell them the truth about what things cost, how much time things take and our abilities to support them. Never try to gouge them with excessive charges, and provide them discounts if we are in a position to help them. Be as transparent in our operations as we can ethically remain without compromising our team's privacy. Tell them if we don't have a solution to a problem and then work with them to find one. Give them access to our support network for expertise that we don't possess in house.

We work as our clients extended staff and trusted advisors. Support them in meetings when we are invited. Allow them to take our good ideas and solutions as their own, and actively work to assist them in advancing their careers without crossing ethical boundaries. Adapt our operating procedures and schedules to meet their unique mission requirements, and make their jobs easier, even when it makes ours more difficult. Keep their confidence and support their positions without compromising our ethical commitments.

Mastering these four areas of service relationships will go a long way toward realizing the rewards of Exceptional Care. It will differentiate us from our competitors and ingratiate us to our clients. More importantly, it will fulfill our mission of producing excellence by finding better ways to serve others as we would wish to be served. So let's all find ways to serve up a big portion of exceptional care every day we come to work. We will all benefit from it.

Be Positive. Do Excellence. Practice Exceptional Care. These four points comprise a noble cause and a worthy vision for our lives at work and at home every day. They will also contribute to our good name and our personal and corporate reputations.

You have my highest regards,

Ken Dickerson