Riding for the Lord

January 2013

By Bobby Maxwell
Operation and Maintenance Foreman
USDA in Athens, GA

Motorcycles have always been a part of my live. My love for the open road with the wind in my face is something you cannot explain - you have to experience it. Hello, my name is Bobby Maxwell and this is the story of how the Lord can give to you your heart's desire.

In 1972, I married my best friend, Gail, and during this time, we rode a Honda 550. Every weekend we would camp and ride motorcycles with our friends. In 1976, we started our family and soon realized that a motorcycle was a luxury we could no longer afford. I knew my family was more important, so I sold my Honda 550 and my favorite pastime was put on hold. Heavens Saints

In 1982, we rededicated our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and committed to serve the Lord and bring our children up in a Christian home. In the late '80s, we traveled with our youth group to Mexico on mission trips and we would often joke about buying leather jackets for our new Harley. We even had a bull Gail named Harley- she said he would help start our Harley fund. In 2000, we did not have any trouble adjusting to the empty-nest syndrome. You guessed it, we bought another motorcycle, but it was still not our Harley.

Our love for the Lord had grown over the years and we were ready to serve Him with all our hearts. In 2001, we were introduced to Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry and founder Barry Mayson. The Lord began to deal with our hearts and show us how we could be a part of bringing Jesus to a lost and unforgotten world of bikers. Actually, people a lot like you and me - because there are only two kinds of people in this world - the Saved and the unsaved.

The Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides Christian motorcyclist a brotherhood of fellow bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside. Members are nationwide and extend outside the United States. A chapter can be formed when there are seven members in the same area. Members of local chapters reach out to others in their community. Each chapter prayerfully considers how they can best direct their efforts to provide help and assistance to the needy. Chapters work together by supporting each other, helping one another with various outreach projects and on larger national rallies.

Those who have been in motorcycle clubs know about being loyal to the "patch" (the colors they wear). That patch signifies their club. When Jesus is accepted as Lord and Savior that loyalty shifts back to Jesus. They become warriors for God. For that reason, the HSMM patch bears the armor of God (Ephesians 6:13).

Heavens SaintWe wear a Christian flag with our member patch in the lower right hand corner. The flag is Jesus' colors. We are a ministry, not a club. It's not our desire to control any specific state, city or location. It is, however, our desire to assist those in need. Our bylaws are the bible. We will do our best to guide others into a personal relationship with God and his son, Jesus. We believe Jesus is the answer to any problems you may be facing. We're always happy to pray for others.

In 2010, the Lord opened a door for us - in Helen, GA, and twice a month, we have church service in the parking lot, simply sharing the love of Jesus. Today, we can surely say the Lord has been faithful! We have seen souls saved, helped to feed and clothe the homeless, helped Santa, visited prison and youth detention centers, worked motorcycle rallies, and seen churches opened to serve the bikers. Through special rides and activities, we provide food clothing, blankets, toys, fans and diapers. We also minster at funerals, perform weddings, pray for the sick and help anyone in need.

Also, in 2004, we were able to purchase our Harley Davidson - it's a 1995 Ultra-Glide!

We will continue to ride for Jesus and make a joyful noise! As the word of God says in Psalms 37:4, delight thyself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart - AMP.

I would like to personally invite you to check our webpage at heavenssaints.com to learn more about this awesome ministry.