Letter from the President: A Little Bit More Goes a Long Way

July 2012

Sam Parker, the cofounder of Give More Media, Inc., authored a little book entitled 212o: The Extra Degree. This quick read deals with the principle that water at 211o is very hot, but adding one more degree makes it boil, creating energy that produces steam that can power a locomotive. Parker goes on to give dozens of examples of how small the difference is between winning and second place in many different venues, and how much more the return on winning is than finishing second. He highlights the importance of putting that one small extra effort into the important things in life. This made me think about the FSE commitment to continuous improvement. We are very good at what we do, but the effort to get a little bit better each day (or week or month) holds the possibility of enormous benefits. Hot water has many benefits, but, as Parker puts it, "steam can carry an enormous load." The difference can be as small as one degree.

Let's keep our commitment to continuous improvement in small, but meaningful ways. Let's learn a little more about what we know and explore knowledge of new tools, technologies and best practices that abound in our industry. Let's find one more way to serve our client, help each other, or improve our surroundings. Continual small steps will bring great benefits if we make a habit of keeping a steady pace of a little extra effort. It works; we have a history of success to prove it.

Thanks for all you do to make FSE a great place.


Ken Dickerson