Wellness Initiative Results and Future

February 2012

Blueprint for Wellness Winners Announced!

Capping off what began in November 2011, winners were announced for the Blueprint for Wellness raffle results. All employees who participated in the Blueprint for Wellness biometric screening were entered into a raffle for one of 16 prizes. Winners include:

2 -  LA Fitness Gift Bags
Steve Stuck (Facilities Performance Group)
Cindy Marzheuser (NIOSH)

8 - $250 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Dereka Brown (Atlanta CDC)
Beth York (Athens)
Robert (Shawn) Ubrey (NIOSH)
Marty Wyatt (Monroe)
Robert Maxwell (Athens)
Jerry Swaim (Athens)
Bill Jeffares (Atlanta CDC)
JR Faunce (NOAA)

4 - $500 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
John Prokopovich (Chamblee)
Diane Price (Athens)
Adrienne Mitchell (Athens)
Mike Spaulding (Facilities Performance Group)

2 - $1,000 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Kaitlin Black (Facilities Performance Group)
Cassandra Johnson (Athens)

Additionally, all participants will receive a copy of Eat This, Not Thatby David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding.

Photos of some of the winners are featured at the bottom of the page.

Employee Biometrics Screening Completed, But Wellness Initiative Just Getting Started

Although the Blueprint for Wellness biometric screening completed, the FSE wellness initiative has only just begun. tric screening was just the first step," says Christel Cousino, commissioning administrative coordinator for FSE. "The screening will generate an aggregate and anonymous report that will help FSE to determine future wellness programs."

According to Christel, the goal is to create an ongoing wellness program that will focus on the needs of the employees, as determined by the combined biometric report.

Although results were not as high as anticipated, with 62 people participating in the biometric screening, Christel explains that it's a good starting point. "We're hoping to gather momentum and participation through the year. For now though, we're really excited about those who took action through the program and made a good first step toward improving their health and wellness."