HEI Expands Energy Efficiency to West Coast

February 2012

In August, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. brought you a story about HEI Hotels & Resorts' achievements in energy management as the proud winner of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. True to the award it won, HEI is continuing its energy excellence through the retro-commissioning of two of its west-coast hotels: the Westin Hotel Pasadena and the Sheraton La Jolla.HEI Hotels & Resorts Logo

Combined with an on-site review, retro-commissioning takes data from many different assessments and puts them in an actionable form to give the owner a best, overall, operational plan.

With various reports from different sources over the years, new owners must determine the best course of action for their properties—what's important to fix first and what will provide the biggest energy impact.

While helpful for any facility operators, new owners gain additional benefits from retro-commissioning. "The owners have a lot of information and undoubtedly are thinking, 'Where do I start with this thing?'" says Gary Robinson, facilities performance engineer for Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. "Retro-commissioning cuts through all of the noise and provides a focused and directed path to bring these facilities into their best, overall performance for the most effective investment."

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