School Building Shows Importance of Retro Test and Balance Services

October 2011

Holgate Local Schools in Holgate, Ohio recently underwent a retro test and balance services project on its six-year-old K-12 building. Throughout the past six years, the building suffered from uneven air temperatures throughout the building, which resulted in comfort issues for the building occupants. Diamond Oaks Career Campus

As such, FSE performed a retro test and balance of the building, through which FSE staff examined the building and equipment and reset the assets to the requirements laid forth in the design specifications. By doing this, energy usage has been reduced and the building is running more effectively, with comfort levels restored.

"The site was an interesting challenge," says Gary Robinson, facilities performance engineer for Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. "To me, it really speaks to the need for not only the benefits of retro test and balance, but continuing commissioning for all systems. A percentage of every system needs to be evaluated every year as compared to the original design specifications to ensure its life-cycle performance."

"Holgate is an excellent facility and the fact that they took the steps to ensure a high performance facility shows their commitment to excellence," says Gary.

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