Update: Continental Plaza Continues Strong Commitment to Energy Conservation

August 2011

In March, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. brought you a story about the Continental Plaza and its strong commitment to energy conservation. Since then, the 34-floor, high-rise building in Columbus, Ohio has continued to prove its dedication. The Continental Plaza

Since March, Continental Plaza, through help of Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has launched an Energy Dashboard Website in which visitors can view the building's energy consumption, usage comparisons and the building's energy goals. The site is part of the Ohio Department of Development's Smart Metering Pilot Project.

Additionally, the Energy Dashboard provides important data in an easy-to-understand format through meters and sensors that track energy consumption and outside environmental factors. Completely Web-based, Energy Dashboard has the capability to gather data from either a designated Website or a collection of smart meters that can be added later to eliminate the need to manually track accounting data.

"Continental Plaza is really thrilled about the Energy Dashboard," says Gary Robinson, facilities performance engineer for Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. "Following the presentation of the Web software to Continental Plaza, they were blown away. The data is so easy-to-understand and it was exciting to see how happy they were with the solution!"