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March 2020

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All industries are wondering what the impact of Coronavirus will have in the long run. In many places, the construction industry is moving forward with business as usual, but not sure if that will be the case tomornews-article row. From material delays to nervous lenders, experts are trying to predict what the future brings. Construction Dive outlines 6 ways the Coronavirus will affect construction.


Despite social distancing and stay-in-home mandates, facilities still require routine maintenance and operation, and many remain open for business with employees and/or customers on premise. Ensuring your facility is running smoothly, while also taking extra precaution to protect against germs is more important than ever. Facility Executive answers some specific questions Facility Managers might have as they navigate the uncharted territory of COVID-19 and how it might impact their day-to-day operations.

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Ramping up cleaning amid Covid-19 has been one of the essential ways businesses are keeping the virus at bay. GSA is no exception. GSA manages about 95.6 million square feet of federally owned buildings that are having to implement new practices to keep their employees safe and their buildings free of Coronavirus. Read the steps GSA is taking.

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It is no doubt that Coronavirus has interrupted the federal acquisition industry. With talks of manufacturing switching to medical devices and large procurements of medical supplies, it leaves everyone in the federal sector wondering what the long-term implications of this virus might be. Pillsbury Law lays out three possible scenarios government contractors may face.

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Ohio leaders announced a "Stay in Home" order on March 22, meaning big changes in the way people live and work for the next few weeks. Universities across the state are implementing measures to comply with the new limitations, including only allowing certain personnel on campus and enhancing online learning options for students. See one university's response to the new order.

CDC’s Coronavirus recommendations

How are you mitigating fear among the spreading news of the Coronavirus? A good strategy to ensure your employees are well-informed and taking the best preventative measures to any illness is to refer to the CDC’s recommendations. The CDC site offers the most up-to-date information on Coronavirus and how everyone can take the most precaution in preventing the spread of the disease in the workplace. Consider a company-wide memo with updated information to keep the workplace knowledgeable about any potential threats and all preventative practices! Read More

Federal News Network

The transition from to did not come with the highest praises from the federal contracting community. seemed to leave out some key features that FBO offered, including email tracking of solicitations and fewer opportunity results from certain agencies. One of the biggest complaints is that saved searches and tracked solicitations did not migrate to the new interface. Unless all account information was manually saved prior to the port, it was all lost once went live. GSA is responding to the outcry from the industry but hope that the tool will be what FBO once was is dwindling. Read More

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GSA’s recent changes are effecting federal vendors nationwide. By consolidating all of the contracting schedules, they are looking to revolutionize the way contractors purchase goods and services from the GSA Schedule. The process began in October and should be completed by the end of June 2020. The attached interview dives deeper into what can be expected in the months to come. Read More

General Services Administration

$31 billion in goods and services are purchased from the GSA Schedule each year. By merging the Multiple Award Schedules into one schedule will make federal procurement easier for vendors and buyers alike. The changes inevitably have all government vendors hoping there is a positive outcome in doing work through the GSA Schedule. Read More

The long road to sustainability at Miami

Miami University has had its fair share of challenges when it comes to sustainability efforts on the campus. The University’s Sustainability Director is working hard to set the campus on a new path focusing on increased sustainability and a decreased carbon footprint. It has not been an easy road for Miami University, but with an increased focus on sustainability across campuses nationwide, Miami University seems to be on an amazing path toward "greener pastures." Read More

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University continues to gnews-article row in enrollment as other universities nationwide see a decrease in class size. BGSU continues to improve their buildings and lead sustainability efforts as their campus continues to gnews-article row. There have been and might be challenges with declining enrollment for universities in the foreseeable future so it begs the question – what will happen to the higher education building plans? Read More